Day 9: Boulder to Torrey to Capitol Reef

Barron2014 Day 9 Bill 5-Capitol ReefSaturday, September 9, 2014 – 44 miles.

It has been a journey of 651 miles, and an experience of a lifetime. I am sore and sunburned, and have felt every emotion I could imagine. I am grateful for all the people I met along the way; the support of great old friends, new friends and strangers. Much thanks to the day in day out effort by Nick Paonessa and Doug Grandt to support me as a rider and candidate and document this journey. We have seen amazing scenery, and experienced weather of all types. Headwinds, hail, soaking rains and intense sunshine that is always good in giving perspective to how small we really are in relation to the natural world around us. There is a richness to this experience that comes from stepping beyond my comfort zone to speak up for something so much bigger than myself. Looking forward to what the future may hold.

Barron2014 Day 9 Bill 1-Boulder white fence

 Barron2014 Day 9 Bill 2-Boulder city limits CROPPEDBarron2014 Day 9 Bill 3-Overlooking valleyBarron2014 Day 9 Bill 4-Torrey event


Day 8: Tropic to Boulder

Barron2014 Day 8 Escalante Million Dollar RoadFriday, September 9, 2014 – 65 miles.

Backtracking to where I left off yesterday, I began a few miles west of the Bryce Canyon Park Entrance with a few extra miles for the day. Cold and dark I started about 6:30 to catch the sunrise at the rim, and a few moments to enjoy the morning sun while shivering in the 38-degree weather.

At 8:30 I met a friend in Tropic who joined me for today’s ride.


It was a storybook day, spectacular views and amazing encounters with many wonderful people all day and into the night.

Barron2014 Day 8 Bill and Karl Payne


I feel as though I have lived a lifetime during this bike campaign, and have grown personally in ways I would have never imagined.

I am so lucky!


Barron2014 Day 8 Bill and Munich bikersBarron2014 Day 8 Bill and Boulder supporters






Day 7: Kanab to Tropic

Barron2014 Day 7 Bill at entrance to Red CanyonThursday, September 9, 2014) – 71 miles.

First day I had to jump into the truck to make it to the next evening event. Didn’t have the legs today but pressed on as best I could. Means more miles tomorrow!

Passed a lot more great memories of adventures past and there are many more to come.

Barron2014 Day 7 Bill pointing to distant mountainsThe event in Tropic went really well, meeting some nice people and hosted by new friends.

Now day 7, I cannot believe that we are nearing the end of the Climate 600.

My legs might say something different…

Barron2014 Day 7 Bill  riding on UT-89Barron2014 Day 7 Bill at entrance to Dixie Forest




Day 6: St. George to Kanab

Barron2014 Day 6 Profile on the roadWednesday September 10, 2014 – 83 miles.

Started riding just after 7am to make it to our first stop in La Verkin to meet with Constitution Party Candidate Shaun McCausland.

Barron2014 Day 6 Bill with Shaun





Then it was a high paced ride to Springdale for my next stop at 10:30 for an event, through Zion National Park and on to Kanab, arriving at 5pm, tired but happy for a brief break before another event at 8:30pm.


Barron2014 Day 6 Springdale




I am worn out yet inspired and energized by the support and encouragement I received from good friends throughout the day.

Thanks everybody!

Day 5: Cedar City to St. George

Tuesday, SeBarron2014 Day 5 Bill truck trafficptember 9, 2014 – 96 miles

I chose a route for the campaign to avoid the traffic of I-15 and I-15 came to me. Flash floods forced the closure of this interstate between Los Angeles and Utah. All the traffic was dumped onto the narrow two-lane road that was the first 33 miles of my day. It was a harrowing experience. The weather turned out to be the least of my worries and I somehow dodged the prBarron2014 Day 5 Bill St George Tomedicted thunderstorms that caused localized flooding in many areas around St George. Expecting my day to be 70 miles, the additional 26 miles to the candidate event (which I made with 5 minutes to spare) and the ride in the dark to a motel made for a long day on the bike. This ride represents my commitment to finding ways to draw attention to the most urgent issue of our time, and I continue because I have to.

Day 4: Milford to Cedar City

Monday, SepteBarron2014 Day 4 Bill Milford desertmber 8, 2014 – 55 miles.

The knee is feeling good and I am grateful. Had an amazing conversation with about 30 kids from Milford High School and learned of the great things that were done in the community to make Milford’s First Wind wind farm a reality. Back into steady 20 mph winds and a trip out to the turbines for some footage before heading out on the bike from Milford at 3:30 just as weather was rolling in. 1-2” in one hour expected, the rain started falling lightly and then came the heavy rain that set in and lasted for 3 ½ of the four-hour ride. It couldn’t have been better, as the 20 mph wind died off completely, allowing me to make much better time than expected and arrived in Cedar City to catch a rainbow and the last light of the day. An inspiring day on all fronts and great to be in the weather and all that comes with it, covering ground regardless of what stands in our way.

Barron2014 Day 4 Bill FirstWind turbineBarron2014 Day 4 Bill riding in the rain






Day 3: Delta to Milford

Barron2014 Day 3 Bill riding bikeSunday, September 7, 2014 – 75 miles.

The day started with a very interesting conversation with a few Delta locals willing to agree to disagree about the need to address climate change at The Rancher Diner. Amazing skies once again, riding with locomotives, hail, wind turbines, and an 18 mph headwind for the last 15 miles made up the day. Arrived in Milford eager to dig into stale tortilla chips, thinking nothing could be better then captured an amazing display of lightning, beautiful light and the fading sun of the day.

Day 2: Tooele to Delta

Saturday, September 6, 2014 – 104 miles. IMG_1298

A spectacular day: big open spaces with amazing skies. I feel at home. Haven’t ridden this long in a while and grateful for the support and drafting of good friends for the first half! Cannot believe I am at it again, but glad to be on the bike intent on drawing attention to this critical message. I am so appreciative of the support I am getting from people far and wide following me on this journey. A friend did what he could to help gather people in Delta, and yet no one made it. Same thing happened in Tooele the day before. This road I am on isn’t necessarily straight or smooth, and the wind isn’t always at my back but I cannot help but be on it. There will be a time where our political leaders will break free of their stalemate to take action on climate change, and am grateful to be doing as much as I can to make this shift occur sooner.

Day 1: Tracy Aviary to Toole

IMG_1296Friday, September 5, 2014 – 38 miles

Amazing and incredibly busy. It was great to start with a visit to Alta in Little Cottonwood Canyon for the sunrise then back home to take care of lots of loose ends and pack up for this 9 day adventure. The departure from the Tracy Aviary was attended by lots of supporters and short speeches by David Folland, Susan Soleil and John Lair. Very special for me to have Emily there to IMG_1297see me off too! Six riders including myself headed off to Tooele with a stop at Momentum Recycling and by the time we hit the frontage road by the Great Salt Lake, it was Tim Bardsley and Justin Belliveau, bringing me into Tooele for our first stop. The day finished with an interesting conversation with a local who may actually register to vote, and a honk and wave event to some perplexed locals who politely waved back!. Tired but looking forward to tomorrow and the nextstop in Delta about 95 miles away in day two of the Climate 600. Regardless of the challenges, it brings me great satisfaction taking this stand for what I believe we are capable of: to change the conversation and heighten the attention on the urgent need to address climate change. We can do this! There is a solution.